Some common problems are not dependent on the brand of Android. No matter what Android phone or tablet you use, whether Samsung, HTC, LG, Motorola, Google, Oppo, Huawei, or another Android manufacturer. Many users complain that their Android batteries die quickly. 

First of all, you shouldn’t always blame your phone’s battery when something goes wrong. When their life expectancy is up, you’ll have to replace them. However, if you keep receiving messages about the battery being low, you should replace the battery.

We will explore why this happens and what you can do to fix it and preserve the Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime’s battery life. You can extend the battery life of your Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime by following the instructions in this post. You can improve your smartphone’s battery life by following these instructions.

Reviews Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime

The Samsung Group, a multinational corporation from South Korea, has its global headquarters in Seoul’s Samsung Town. The Samsung Group is South Korea’s largest corporation. Under the Samsung brand, the Samsung Group has numerous affiliated businesses.

Why Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime Battery Issue

When we leave our phones behind, we feel empty. If you want to send emails, stay in touch with friends, or browse social networks, you can do so. Using screens is becoming more prevalent. Our Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime is often used to browse the Internet for 1h42 per day as found in a study published in 2019. 

On the other hand, batteries tend to degrade over time. You may experience battery issues with your Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime over time. We are going to help you determine what is causing this problem in this article. These are some of the most common causes of the Battery Draining issue,

Longer-Term Charges

Due to a longer charging time, your Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime battery destroy. Make sure you use the suitable charger and monitor the time of setting.

Continuously Running The Device

Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime battery drains fast when you play high-graphics games such as PUBG Mobile. Stop playing high-graphics games and recharge your phone. Restoring your phone will reduce its heating issue as well.


Your phone may be used to mine cryptocurrencies by malicious code on your device. For protection against malicious infections, install an anti-virus program such as AVG Antivirus.

Battery Damage

A battery drain problem may have recently arisen in the phone you purchased. In that case, you should contact the company’s customer service department. A new battery will provide to you without a doubt.

How To Fix Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime problems?

You can fix the Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime battery draining fast by following these simple ways.

Low Power Mode On Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime

When it comes to avoiding battery drain issues, power saving is an essential feature. Battery-saving features include auto-brightness, limiting refresh rate, and closing background apps.

Play No Games While Charging

It would help if you did not play games or use your phone excessively while charging. Make sure your phone gets some rest while charging. Your device will overheat if it is stressed.

Restart Your Phone

If your Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime’s battery is draining, reboot the device to fix the problem. It is as simple as turning off your device, leaving it for a few minutes, and restarting it. After this process, your battery will be ready for use. Some reports rebooting your phone can solve some common issues.

Disabling Connectivity Options

Using network connection options such as Bluetooth, Wifi, and GPS drains battery power rapidly. Whenever these options are not used, you should turn them off. 

Don’t let Wifi or Bluetooth drain your phone’s battery. It’s best to use them when necessary. Furthermore, location services such as GPS need at some point. This is the reason why they are best used when it is necessary.

Disable Auto-brightness And Shorten Screen Timeout

A smartphone’s display is the most significant source of battery drain. The brightness of the screen and the screen time out must adjust to save battery power. Low brightness will provide more battery life than auto-brightness. You waste your phone’s battery life when it’s not in use.

Resetting The Factory Settings

Clear The Cache Partition

  • All temporary system data is stored in the wipe cache partition. With this method, you can take control of your apps and resume your work. 
  • After a certain amount of time, this partition is not wiped. When it overflows, it will not work. So, how to wipe the cache partition on Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime to prevent it from draining the battery.
  • Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime must be turned off in order to be turned off
  • In order to hold both Volume Down and Power at the same time, hold both buttons when the Google logo appears.
  • Using Volume Up and Volume Down at the same time will select Recovery Mode.
  • You can wipe the cache partition inside Recovery Mode.
  • The Volume buttons let you select it.

Lastly, you can try wiping your cache if that doesn’t work. Your device might need formatting at that point. The infected files or applications on your phone may need to be removed. Follow these instructions to do so: 

  1. The settings
  2. Reset and backup
  3. Resetting the factory data
  4. The device will reset
  5. In the final step, erase everything so that your phone seems like it came from a factory.

Replace The Battery If It Is Damaged Or if Old

You can assume that your phone’s battery is dying because it is old and inherently weak. Additionally, manufacturers claim their batteries can last for 1000 charges. Buying a phone with a removable battery can be advantageous since you can easily replace it if necessary.