Affiliate Disclosure

We select products for affiliate marketing and our website content on product reviews and product details may contain links to our affiliate partner to make it more comfortable for our visitors to access an online product and online stores quickly. 

We use different words to attach links to our websites like ‘Buy now, ‘Check Price’, ‘Shop now’ or ‘affiliate partner name’. These words are maybe in description and any other suitable place where the consumer can get quick access on our website.

The website is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a source of income or advertising fees through linking to amazon. 

Being a partner in this program, we get a commission from Amazon only when you purchase within 24 hours of clicking on a link on our website. Keep in mind there is no extra cost to you.

  This commission is from Amazon, and there is no additional burden on you, so the same price is for all people that visit the store.

Product Research & Selection Process

Our team of highly experts and professional, well-reputed technology-related institutions SKY DIGITAL MARKETING aims to provide highly authenticated knowledge and skill to our customers and readers. 

If we talk about the selection process of products for our affiliate program blogs and websites, all products go through the proper screening and testing criteria.

That provides confidence in the product, and the knowledge we are providing our reader is authenticated and well researched.

We use follow steps to Select Products For Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Product Selection Criteria

Research And Quality Test For Affiliate Product

Research and product quality test and screen process is the basis of our team. Our research is based on the manufacturer’s reputation and authentication, user reviews, rating of products, etc.

Range And Specification For Alliliate product

If we select a product based on a particular target range, for example: First, we choose the number of products in that specific range in the budget range. Then, we select the best product under the selected range. That will satisfy the user.  

Merket Authentication Of Product

We always select a product that comes in a market with a different budget range, versatile and huge characteristics, so the chosen product can satisfy the buyers. In addition, we also select such brands that have an impressive impact on authentication in the market. 

Regular Update

Update and news research is always in our article. After an article is published, we regularly check and update the article according to the content and keep the content fresh, current, and up to date for our readers. The selection process does not end there

. Our team includes only those products available in stock and valid all time, but there is no guarantee that stock may end. But we update our content. 

It is our moral duty to inform you if you click through the link provided on the site, we get a commission, so if you are going to purchase any product through this link, it will make a day for our team !!!

Honest Review About Product

In our product list, we include ”advantages and disadvantages ” with different heading names. But the essential purpose is to inform you and provide you with the best and most honest review of the product, and you can also check the details about the product in the description section that we also include in our content

We hope you understand the selection criteria that we follow. Best of luck and enjoy our services.

Note:  The sky tech trend does not take responsibility of : 

  • Timely delivery
  • Proper packaging 
  • Price 
  • Any loss 
  • We provide information and a route to facilitate you to purchase your favorite product. but if you face any problem, please direct to the vendor from whom the purchase was made.