How to Setup Hidden Spy Camera in Bathroom (installation guides)

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How to Setup Hidden Spy Camera in Bathroom (installation guides)

Do you need to set up a security camera in your home or do you have to install a wireless camera inside the washroom for security purposes? so we will guide you on how you can set up any spy hidden camera in bathroom or especially in the shower.

To hide any camera you need to know the model the function of the camera specification and everything about the camera before buying the model paper fiction and all these things buying a camera.

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If you are using this camera for misuse we forbid you because it is very immoral and our purpose is not to do any such thing. Our purpose is only to provide information about the cameras. also is’t not legal to install surveillance camera in the office or bathrooms.

How to Easly Hide Cameras in Bathroom?

Why Do you want to Hide the Camera in the Washroom?

  • May we have some guests we don’t trust.
  • Find out what your nanny is really doing in the bathroom.
  • Easily spot burglars with hidden spy cameras inside the washroom.
  • For children, if you have small kids in your family.
  • install hidden cameras for research use.

5 Best Places To Hide a Camera in a Washroom

  1. You can easily install the camera anywhere inside the ceiling
  2. Electrical Socket is also a good place for any hidden cameras
  3. Install any Spy Camera in Bathroom Exhaust Fans
  4. Inside A Cosmetic Bag, you can also hide a camera
  5. The unused Toothpaste Box will be a good place for a small security camera

How to detect hidden cameras in the bedroom?

this is also important for you to check any bathroom cameras, a simple way is to check for a hidden spy camera in the bathroom is to turn off all lights and check with your mobile phone camera around all the washrooms if any hidden camera is installed you will see a red Infrared (IR) light.

How to Install a Hidden Spy Camera in Your Bathroom

here is a step-by-step guide to installing a hidden camera in your bathroom

Step 1: Choose a Hidden Location

The most critical point for installing a hidden spy camera that requires special attention is ”location”, a hidden location that should be not easy to guess and not common in use. In addition, if spy cameras do not install correctly, there are more chances of leaking your spy camera secret.

Step 2: Choose a Perfect Spy Camera for the Bathroom

The second important point in installing a spy camera in the bathroom is the camera selection. For the selection of a bathroom spy camera, you should focus on the following main points:

  •  An appropriate and most adjusted size 
  • perfect model
  • waterproof camera
  • design of the camera
  • first, choose a spot for installation

Keep in mind there is no ideal camera that will be perfect for all bathrooms, but if you follow these points that may help.

When you first choose a spot for installation, you can buy an appropriate size that perfectly adjusts.

 But one more thing camera design should be according to bathroom items, like a shampoo bottle. You should not select an unsuited design that will not match the bathroom item because it may get special attention in this condition.

Step 3: Charge the Camera

There are two types of spy cameras based on power sources:

  •  Wired powered
  •  Battery-powered

The best spy camera should be battery power. For that, you have to find the best spy camera with the longest battery life because most spy cameras last almost 1 -5 hours. But unfortunately, this limited time is not trusted. 

So you can also focus on wired power, but only if the AC power supply is easily adjustable. If you can provide a wired power supply to the camera, it is the perfect supply for your spy camera.

 That is why, before installation, you have to choose the power source of the camera, it may be a battery, then charge it thoroughly before use. In other cases, attach direct AC power and hide the wire.

Step 4: Install the correct software

All quality cameras have specific software for live streaming and online control of the camera, most often controlled by the mobile app.

To operate the camera properly over the internet, you should install perfect software on your camera. It may be more than one software that depends on the camera. Still, these are mandatory and enable you to remotely control your camera from anywhere, take a picture, and watch live video.

Step 5: Make a Test Run

Testing the camera is a preventive measure that helps follow testing steps.

  • internet connectivity test 
  • power test
  • live video and image shoot test

The test is mandatory because it makes you tension free after installation. In most cases, the internet connection may interrupt. The fundamental reason is that many home gadgets interrupt the camera’s signal supply. For preventive measures, switch off unnecessary devices. Test run also helps check the image and video quality and perfect view.

Suggestions for installing a hidden camera:

You can install a spy camera anywhere in the bathroom, but the best place is electrical circuits, bulbs, or ceiling. It depends on your bathroom.

I highly recommend you use this information only for a moral purpose, only spy cameras for safety, not to expose the privacy of any person.