Do you want to put strip lights on the wall without adhesive? And the light that doesn’t cause any damage to your wall? But the important thing here is how you stick the lights on the wall?

Hello, welcome to the skytechtrend website, definitely you are worried about LED Stripe Lights and your mission is How to Hang LED Strip Lights without Damaging walls.

I have listed step by step easy guide for you that provide you the complete, detailed information about the LED hanging on the wall

The LED strip light is a decorative strip circuit board light with a beautiful variety of colors and bright light with adhesive material that allows you to easily bend the stripe light up to 90 degrees on any surface.
It is used to beautify the place and to create light inside it. in addition to this, It is also used everywhere in the world in home and residential areas. and is considered to be very good for decorating the room.


Within this article,we will tell you about that method in detail that allows you to easily stick any LED street light on your wall without damage

Walls will not be damaged by LED strips, though a variety of factors could affect them.

  • A surface’s adhesive strength
  • Paint or wallpaper durability
  • Time spent applying them
  • Climate

These factors can also affect whether LED strips adhere well to it.

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How to Hang LED Strip Lights without Damaging Wall?

How to Hang LED Strip Lights without Damaging Wall?

If there is light in the house or in the kitchen, the house looks like a paradise, otherwise, even a good house without light looks like a graveyard.

If you want to light your house but are afraid of damaging the walls of the house then there is only one solution to this problem and that is LED strip lights.

Hang LED Strips Light on Your Kitchen as a Paying Guest House

Hang LED Strips Light on Your Kitchen as a Paying Guest House

When you are living in a rented house and you are in dire need of light in any wall or kitchen of the house, you are not installing the light so as not to cause any damage to the kitchen or wall which may cause you Heavy losses to have to be incurred.

But you don’t have to worry because we have brought you LD Strips Light. Using it you can easily put light on any wall or the color on the wall will not be damaged.

Simple Steps to hang led lights without damaging walls

The complete method of installing LED lights on the wall will be explained step by step:

Accurate Measurement is important

Accurate Measurement is important for LED strip light hanging

First, you need to measure

the area where you want to install the LED street light, To do this you will need a measuring instrument that you can easily find at home. Or you can make your own guess.

Proper cut

 Proper cut for LED strip light hanging

Secondly, you have to cut the LED lights with the signs of its formation, For this, you will need a sharp knife or scissors, Note that if it is cut from a place other than the mark, the LED circuit will be cut off after which it becomes unusable.

Surface preparation For lED lights

Surface preparation for LED strip light hanging

Surfaces with a smooth, clean surface are best for LED strips’ sticky backing. A path contaminated with grease or dust limits adhesive contact with the texture, making a strong bond impossible.

You can prevent this from occurring by moistening a cloth with warm water or rubbing alcohol and vigorously brushing the surface back and forth. Pat the area dry with a lint-free rag or paper towel when you’re finished.

Adhesive backing should be peeled off

Adhesive backing should be peeled off for LED strip light hanging

Ensure the adhesive backing is visible by peeling off the plastic sticker from one end of the strip. Take care not to take off too much of the adhesive at once to prevent debris from clinging to it.

Align and Press

Align and Press for LED strip light hanging

Press the LED strip into place at the designated location. Once the entire length is adhered to the peeling, position, and pushing. Don’t rush this process. Because it can be a mistake.

Switch the on LED Light

Switch the on Light for LED strip light hanging

Connect the connector cord to your power source supply or board etc and switch on your LED strip lights!

LED strip lights related Questions

Do LED strip lights ruin walls?

No lead does not damage the wall. if Used properly, it retains the beauty of the wall.

Do LED lights peel off the paint?

Yes, the reason is that when the LED is taken off the wall, it takes off the wall paint with it. This is because when the LED is applied to the wall, there is a strong adhesive behind it which brings the paint along with it when it is taken off.

Can We cut LED strip lights?

Yes, you can cut the LED light. But we do not recommend this thing because if the LED light is cut a little bit wrong, its circuit will be cut. Which will then be unusable.

Do LEDs attract spiders?

Yes, but there is nothing wrong with the LED light. Because all insects and bugs prefer a brighter environment and will be attracted to LEDs. So it is wrong to reject the LED light with this in mind.

How do you stick LED strips to the wall?

Putty can be molded into any shape by your hand, then pressed onto LEDs. The strips are then attached to the desired surfaces. You can also attach your LED strips to objects with cable ties.

Do LED lights get hot?

LED lighting is a new technology that can and will get hot, however, the temperatures are much safer than those of the past. In addition to heating your surroundings.

The heat generated by LED lighting can also heat your surrounding environment, but this ambient heat is greatly reduced when compared to old incandescent lighting.