Do you want to learn how to activate Samsung Galaxy S6 night mode, Google messages, Phone app, and settings app? User interfaces, such as smartphones or laptops, can be displayed in dark mode. By default, dark text appears on a light screen (known as a light mode), while a light color appears on a dark or black screen (known as a dark mode).

The Samsung OneUI 2 and 3 versions both have a system-wide dark mode you can enable. The dark mode will also enable wallpaper and system-wide. When you have your Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge turned on, you can sometimes take advantage of its night mode for this purpose.

Here, we will first see what a blue light filter is, and next, we will see why a blue light filter is useful. Here is a step-by-step guide to enabling the Samsung S6 Edge’s night mode.

Overview of Samsung Galaxy S6 Night Mode

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge has a night mode that allows it to operate at night. There is an option to turn off the blue light, and you can remove the blue colors from your Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge screen by activating this feature. 

The color of your screen will turn yellow after activating this feature. When you first enable it, it is somewhat strange. You will soon get used to it, but it takes some time. The brand may also offer Reading mode or Eye protection mode in addition to Night mode.

Why Should I Activate The Galaxy S6 Night Mode Screen?

Why is the Samsung S6 Edge’s night mode so essential, and what is the purpose of enabling it? The reason is in the blue light. The blue light in our environment can impair our sleep. When we use our Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, we are exposed to blue light that disrupts melatonin production. 

Therefore, watching the screen of the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge makes it harder to fall asleep. Therefore, this blue light filter. With Samsung’s S6 Edge’s Night Mode, you can sleep better. Go ahead and customize your screen further if you like. Check out our article on Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge brightness issues.

How To Enable Night Mode on Samsung Galaxy S6?

The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge has a Night mode that you can enable to protect your eyes. Activating it requires accessing the settings menu. From the View tab, you can access the settings. The settings will show up in four accounts:

How to Enable Samsung Galaxy S6 Night Mode

Your screen will display an option. On your Samsung S6 night mode, you can then choose whether to enable or disable night mode. Night Mode should also be able to be scheduled according to the hours. Several hours before your bedtime, schedule your nightlight. If you want to see Samsung Galaxy problems and solutions then visit here:

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How To Enable The Samsung Galaxy S6 Dark Theme

Perform the following steps on your Samsung Galaxy S6 edge one at a time to enable dark mode.

Step 1: Go to the notification panel on your Galaxy S6 edge and tap the gear icon on the top right corner to open the settings application.

Step 2: Go to the Settings page and select the Display option.

Display option in Galaxy S6 Night Mode

Step 3: At the top of the screen, click Dark mode

Galaxy S6 Night Mode

Step 4: Your Samsung Galaxy S6 edge will now be in dark mode, and you’ll see a dark theme in Messages and the phone app.

Step 5: Thank you for enabling dark mode for all apps and the system wallpaper on the Galaxy S6 edge.

How To Disable Samsung Galaxy S6 Dark Theme

Follow the steps above but choose Light mode instead of a dark mode on Step 3. You will disable Galaxy S6 Night Mode and enable Light mode by default using these instructions.