Heavy losses are recorded every year due to fires in buildings, homes, factories, restaurants, warehouses, and apartments. Most of these buildings have fire alarms but are sometimes unable to detect the smoke produced by the fire. The most common reason behind the working of fire alarms is that system not working all time due to low quality/weakened batteries.

If I talk about the most common reasons for smoke detector alarm failure and false alarms, an important reason is battery failure. According to Vivint.com, battery failure is one of the most common causes of fire alarm failure.

Mainly home fire losses result from fires due to no working smoke alarm batteries. Fire alarms cannot detect the smoke produced by the fire due to battery failure.

Some Reasons For Fire Alarm Batteries Failures:

  • No quick access to batteries
  • Not changing batteries in time
  • No check system due to installing limitation
  • Very poor maintenance

The smoke alarm keeps you and your family safe by instantly alerting you in the event of a fire. Batteries are necessary to keep it up to work. However, they cannot function without batteries. For this reason, you should purchase good and smart batteries for carbon monoxide detectors.

For your convenience, you should choose the best batteries for fire alarms. Make sure you keep extra batteries on hand to replace them quickly. I will provide you with a review of ten top-quality smart smoke alarm batteries that might fit your needs.

Reviews of Best Longest Lasting Batteries For A Smoke Detector

1- AmazonBasics Everyday Alkaline 9V Batteries

These 9V Everyday Alkaline Batteries from Amazon Basics are perfect for powering up all of your home electronics. Their performance is dependable, and the battery is known as one of the best Fire alarm batteries out there.

AmazonBasics 9V Everyday Best Batteries For Smoke Detectors

Overview of AmazonBasics Alkaline Batteries

 Eight packs of nine-volt alkaline batteries are available at AmazonBasics. Smoke alarms are proven to work best with this technology, and you can use them for any battery-operated device at home. Furthermore, they can withstand machines, radios, toys, and garage door openers, among others. The shelves have been leak-free for five years, with a new, improved design. It is impossible to recharge these batteries, but they last a long time.

Pros of AmazonBasics Battery

  • Suitable for everyday devices 
  • A shell’s life span is five years 
  • Suitable for use 
  • The design prevents leaks 
  • A quality product
  • The device is ideal for appliances you use daily. 
  • With its leak-proof design, it’s safe to use. 
  • Quality components ensure that the device and the user can use the device with greater confidence

Cons of AmazonBasics Battery

  • Batteries are not rechargeable. 
  • Fat and tall batteries won’t fit in the tight space 
  • A short-term solution 
  • Unfortunately, the 9-volt alkaline batteries from AmazonBasics do not recharge.
  • Once it uses up, you should replace it. 
  • Battery cavities are too narrow, and the batteries are too fat and tall
  • Battery life is also short with these batteries

2- Alkaline ALLMAX Smoke Detectors Batteries

Store some batteries at home if you need to use smoke alarms or other devices. Allmax batteries are a good choice, and there are few better batteries for smoke alarms than this one. The battery is also known for lasting for a very long time. 

Alkaline ALLMAX Best Battery For Smoke Detector

Overview of Alkaline ALLMAX Smoke Alarm Batteries

All-Power Alkaline Batteries from ALLMAX are the best batteries for performance and power. A comprehensive EnergyCircle technology system is used for maximum control and prevents leaks in the system. Each of these batteries is guaranteed to last for many years to come. So, all of them are fresh and safe for use. 

Pros of Alkaline ALLMAX

  • Environment-friendly 
  • Strong and long-lasting 
  • Designed for high performance and power 
  • A seven-year supply of ideal power 
  • High-tech features 
  • The leak-proof type 
  • Environmental safety is what makes the ALLMAX All-Powerful Alkaline Batteries the best.  
  • It can also maintain its superior power for seven years if stored properly. 
  • Suitable for home security systems.

Cons of Alkaline ALLMAX

  • The space is not sufficient 
  • Effective, but not long-lasting
  • Batteries do not fit properly 
  • Shelf life is non-existent 
  • In contrast, a downside to the ALLMAX All-Power Alkaline Batteries is their short length. 
  • Using pieces of folded paper, you can make them tighter.

3- EBL Alkaline 9V Best Batteries

It’s essential to get smoke alarm batteries of the best quality. EBL’s 9V alkaline batteries might be a good option. EBL has a reputation for being a professional when it comes to batteries. It produces high-performance cells already and has a strong reputation. It could be the one you always wanted. 

EBL Battery 9V Best Batteries For Smoke Detectors

Overview of 9V EBL Alkaline Battery Detector

The EBL Alkaline 9V Battery is a great option due to its durability and excellent performance. You can use it every day as it provides long-lasting power, and it is perfect for smoke detectors, alarms, toys, and medical equipment. 

It can also be stored in cold or dry areas and maintain its power for seven years. It is my recommendation for you, and this is particularly important if you have a smoke alarm in your home. 

Pros of EBL Alkaline Battery

  • Usable and safe
  • A non-leaking system
  • Strong and lasting 
  • Tends to hold power for as long as seven years
  • Budget-friendly 
  • Recycling and reliable
  • EBL Alkaline Batteries are safe for you and for the environment to use. 
  • You and your device protect against leakage, and it does not leak. 

Cons of EBL Alkaline Battery

  • These batteries are only effective with certain brands of smoke detectors
  • EBL’s Alkaline batteries have a consistency issue. 
  • Other batteries aren’t as long-lasting as some. 
  • Charge it only once, but you can’t use it again.

4- Duracell CopperTop 9V Smoke Batteries

Many electronic devices can benefit from Duracell alkaline batteries, and a smoke alarm is one of them. The Duracell Coppertop 9V Alkaline Batteries from Duracell are the best for smoke detectors. 

Duracell CopperTop Best Batteries For Smoke Detectors

Overview of Duracell CopperTop 9 Volt battery

Coppertop 9V Alkaline Batteries by Duracell offers dependable and long-lasting performance. It can be used to power many devices that you use daily. This includes garage door openers, smoke alarms, and even toys. 

Additionally, the batteries protect against any material defects. Because of this, your devices will not damage at any time. These are the most trusted batteries. Depending on your needs, you can select from a range of sizes. 

Pros of Duracell CopperTop

  • Sizes range from small to large.
  • Long-lasting and powerful 
  • Protects your device 
  • Multiple uses are possible with this product 
  • Store it in a dry place for up to 5 years 
  • Duracell’s rigid batteries provide a boost in power and have high-density cores. 
  • PowerCheck lets you see if the batteries fully charge before or during use. 
  • Long-lasting and reliable, Duracell CopperTop 9V batteries are highly recommended. 
  • Batteries are safe and secure for storage for five years. 
  • It protects your devices from damage. Thus, you know your devices are secure. 
  • Safety and leak proofs are considered advantages.

Cons of Duracell CopperTop

  • Leaks of battery acid and terminals 
  • A five-year guarantee in the room does not exist. 
  • It is possible to sell batteries even if they have expired 
  • It leaks battery acid and the terminals in the package of the Duracell CopperTop 9V. 
  • The five-year guarantee in storage does not apply. 
  • Some batteries may have expired. 

5- Energizer Max 9V Battery

The Energizer Max 9V batteries might be suitable for you for fire alarm batteries. Long-lasting batteries make with these batteries, and these batteries protect the devices.

Energizer Max Best Batteries For Smoke Detectors

Overview of Energizer Max Smoke Detector Battery

PowerShell technology is used to make the Energizer MAX Alkaline 9V batteries. There are four 9V batteries included in the package that provides long-lasting power and are suitable for daily use even though these batteries come in large or small sizes. 

They are mighty and energized, and you can count on their power and durability. The first alkaline battery free of mercury was developed in 1991, and these batteries are still the best. They continue to improve over time.

Pros of Energizer Max

  • Suitable for all types of complex devices 
  • Powerful and effective 
  • Easily reusable 
  • Provides enormous power to small and large devices 
  • Making this product does not contain mercury 
  • Its most significant advantage is that it features a huge storage capacity. 
  • Furthermore, installation and operation are effortless.

Cons of Energizer Max

  • Cold temperatures are not suitable for this product.
  • We found some expired batteries 
  • The effects are not always long-lasting 
  • Energizer MAX Alkaline batteries are problematic in cold temperatures, as they can leak.
  • Battery life is only a few days. 
  • A few batteries are sold as they expire. 
  • There isn’t always a long-term effect.

6- Tenergy 6LR61 9V Alkaline Battery

When you are looking for a battery that produces the most power for your daily use devices. A Tenergy 6LR61 Alkaline Battery could be the right choice for you. Moreover, these batteries design to deliver reliable performance and endure extreme temperatures. We recommend purchasing the storm, and I think it’s great. 

Tenergy Alkaline Best Batteries For Smoke Detectors

Overview of Tenergy 6LR61 9v Battery

Choosing the Tenergy 6LR61 9V Alkaline Battery is a wise decision. This battery is not only affordable but is also reliable and durable. The batteries are long-lasting and durable, which means they can provide power for your household devices. 

They work with just about any electronic device. It can also avoid your smoke alarm beeping due to low battery life. We know it performs well, and it is a valuable gadget

Pros of Tenergy 6LR61

  • Suitable for use 
  • Cold and hot temperatures are no problem. 
  • Budget-friendly 
  • Ensures dependable performance
  • A great feature of the Tenergy 6LR61 9V Alkaline Batteries is safe to use.
  • For hazardous substances, they must follow strict regulations. 
  • Moreover, this product is temperature-resistant up to 129 degrees Fahrenheit. 
  • Even when it’s cold, it’ll still work. 

Cons of Tenergy 6LR61

  • Rechargeable not available 
  • These batteries can explode 
  • There is a size issue with it
  • This Tenergy 6LR61 9V Alkaline Battery does not come with a rechargeable battery
  • This battery must replace once it has run out. 
  • Using a smoke detector may also cause the battery to explode. 
  • Smoke detectors sometimes can’t use these batteries due to their size.

7- Delipow USB 9V Lithium-ion Rechargeable Battery

Delipow 9V Battery is the best voltage battery for fire alarms. Its main benefit is that they come with a sub-charging cable and easily plug into the bottom of the Battery for charging anywhere. It is a dependable battery. The charging speed of these batteries is good and perfect.

Carbon-zinc made batteries leave no carbon footprint and can easily last for over 800 cycles.

This battery has the following safety features: overcharge protection, overheating, and over-voltage protection. Undoubtedly it is a quality home safety product. Two 3V cells have been built-in to create one unit of 6V to 8.4V. Self-discharge is low, and the batteries arrive ready to be used. Battery life is at least three years with an 80% charging.

Duracell CopperTop Best Batteries For Smoke Detectors

This battery is a good option for people on a budget, especially since it is a 9V lithium-ion battery. However, some users reported that it is not very durable. Users said that the storms break easily. In addition, the quality control is not reasonable. Some users have received defective products.

Pros of Delipow USB Battery

  • Recharge cycles are over 800
  • The capability of this battery is at least 6V to 8.4V
  • The battery is rechargeable only with a USB cord
  • 1.5H USB Fast Charging
  • Multiple Defensive

Cons of Delipow USB Battery

  • Quality Control of this battery is poor
  • Not very Long-lasting

8- VONIKO Smoke Detectors 9V Batteries

The charging capacity of the VONIKO Ultra battery conducts up to 9 times higher than a standard battery. A double layer of protection around the battery cores makes these batteries lead- and explosion-proof. In addition, their leak-proof feature is maintained thanks to dual pockets.

VOKIKO eco-friendly 9-volt batteries have a very long shelf life. So, they are perfect for emergency kits, children’s toys, and even smoke detectors. Even after many years, these batteries will maintain the same charge level. In addition, the VOKIKO batteries contain no hazardous materials and are eco-friendly.

VONIKO 9V Best Batteries For Smoke Detectors

Lead, mercury, and cadmium are absent from the VONIKO batteries. As a result, their battery life is up to ten years when used regularly. Additionally, the batteries use materials that are non-corrosive and stainless steel, ensuring that they will not rust over time.

VONIKO batteries are not rechargeable. Although they are not the longest-lasting option, they can still last for 10 years or more. Furthermore, not all types of products will fit, so always check product specifications before buying.


  • 10 years guaranteed
  • Totally free of lead, cadmium, and mercury
  • Stronger than regular batteries 6 to 9 times


  • The failure is that it is not rechargeable.
  • Not fit for all types of smoke detector products

9- Rayovac Fusion Smoke Alarm 9V Batteries

Rayovac Fusion is a premium battery built to power a wide range of electronic devices, such as smoke detectors and televisions. Their shelf life is 12 years and they have a 5-year power guarantee, making them a great addition to your emergency kit.

Power-hungry devices will not run out of power with these strong batteries from Fusion. Unlike other batteries on the market, Rayovac High Energy Batteries perform better. An effective and safe method of storing and transferring energy is achieved by using zinc ions.

Rayovac Fusion 9V Best Batteries For Smoke Detectors

ANSI’s performance tests ensure a battery’s longevity, durability, and quality. Before shipping, they undergo two comprehensive tests to ensure they are of high quality and are reliable. Zinc is the principal element in FUSONTM batteries. The high energy density of these batteries enables them to serve for a long time.

One of the best 9V batteries on the market today is the Rayovac Fusion. Unfortunately, some users received expired batteries. Therefore, ensure you receive fresh ones by checking or contacting the seller. Additionally, some devices do not work with these batteries.

Pros of Rayovac Fusion Battery

  • Two-time test before leaving the facility
  • Five years guarantee
  • Expected to last for at least 12 years

Cons of Rayovac Fusion Battery

  • All types of batteries do not work
  • The expiration date may be near

10- Kidde 120V AC/DC Ionization Smoke Alarm

Kidde detector has an AC/DC power source and a 9V battery backup that operate on 120V. They use ionization technology to detect smoke. Alarms with ionization sensors may detect invisible particles of fire more quickly than alarms with photoelectric sensors. Using photoelectric sensing alarms can detect visible particles faster than using ionization alarms.

Kidde 120V AC/DC Ionization Smoke Detectors

Kidde 1275 120V Features

  • It deters alarm theft-resistant locking features.
  • In an interconnected system, alarm memory flashes a red LED indicating that the unit was the initiating alarm
  • A battery pull tab on the front allows battery activation without removing the alarm from its mounting bracket.
  • A large mounting base facilitates mounting, protects the paint from dirt, and masks imperfections.

Pros of Kidde Ionization Battery

  • Wonderful quality and value
  • Excellent customer service and product
  • An easy-to-install product with nice features

Cons of Kidde Ionization Battery

  • Currently, no suitable cons could be generated

In conclusion

Smoke alarm batteries should be of good quality, long-lasting, environmentally friendly, and safe in general. Our review found that these all products performed best. When buying the best smoke alarm batteries, you should know their features and highlights. I’m confident you will be satisfied with all the batteries discussed above.